What Are Asymmetrical Eyes?

What Are Asymmetrical Eyes?

An uneven appearance of eyes because of aging phenomena or inheritance problem which causes maxillary sinus syndrome, chronic maxillary sinusitis, and silent sinus syndrome is referred to as asymmetrical eyes (ตา ไม่ เท่า กัน, which is the term in Thai). This may cause fever, vision problems, and eye pain.

Differences in eyelid height, amount of skin and fat, and bone structure cause asymmetric eyelid. The normal range of difference in eyelid height is 1-2mm. If the difference in eyelid height is within the normal range, then surgery is not required. The problem is maybe with upper eyelids, lower eyelids, and eye sockets.

Issues And Solutions

Congenital ptosis is the ptosis they were born with and acquired ptosis is the ptosis that occurs after they were born are the two types of eyelid ptosis. Neurologic and ophthalmologic examination is necessary when acquired ptosis occurs.

If the right eye looks smaller than the left eye it is known as right upper lid ptosis, which makes the two eyes look different. To make the eyes symmetric in this situation, right upper lid ptosis surgery is performed where the right upper eyelid is lifted. Because of prior surgeries or thyroid eye disease the right upper eyelid may become too high. In this case, the right upper lid was lifted and the left upper lid was let down to make the eyes symmetric.

Sunken right eyes are also one of the major problems of asymmetrical eyes. Here the right eyeball sits back more than the left side. To make the eyes even, in the right eye socket an implant is put in the right orbit that pushes the right eyeball forward. To treat mild to moderate ptosis muller’s muscle is shortened. The direct connection between the eyelid and the muscle above the eyebrows which is called frontalis muscle is usually done in the frontalis sling procedure. In the case of hollow upper eyelids, a long-lasting hyaluronic acid filter is placed at the bone level.

Eye bulging is a problem where the eyeball looks bigger. Sometimes the right eye is more bulging and the left upper eyelid is a little bit droopy and the left eye is sunken and vice versa. Treatment can be done with surgical procedures by using local anesthesia. Filter injections and Botox are non-surgical procedures that can be performed to make the eyes symmetric. Natural subtle asymmetry should be differentiated from significant asymmetry before undergoing surgery.