Endoscopic Removal of Polyps

Endoscopic Removal of Polyps

A polyp is an abnormal small mushroom-like material that grows in your stomach, which is removed with the help of endoscopy. A fundamental technique and multiple instruments are used to reach out to that polyp, which depends upon what size it contains, small or large. But mostly, the height is half an inch or so.

A polyp needs to be treated and removed from your bowel to not turn out into cancer for you. Some of the likely places to develop a polyp are the nose, cervix, throat and uterus.

With the help of Endoscopic Removal of Polyps provided by Digestive Health UK: Gastroenterology Clinic, you can remove the polyp with the endoscopic process, with the experts.

Polyp Symptoms

As I mentioned earlier, there are certain places in our body in which a polyp can develop. So, if you have a polyp in your ear canal, it is known as aural, and with this, you can lose your hearing, and also, your ear will face blood drainage.

If you have a polyp in your cervix, it is known as cervical, and you will face a severe discharge or bleeding during sex or menstruation.

If you have a Polyp in your nose, it is known as nasal, and it will lead you to frequent cold, headache, pain and even loss of smell.  You can face specific allergies also.

If you have a polyp in your stomach, it is known as gastric, and it can because you vomit, nausea and bleeding. You can face bacterial infections also.

How to diagnose polyps?

At first, you need to visit a doctor and talk about your health and symptoms; if a doctor feels like you have polyp symptoms, he will immediately suggest you do an Endoscopy. Through which we can find out if you have a polyp in a particular area or not. Your doctor will tell you the whole procedure to not freak out at the test time.

And before jumping out to remove it, your doctor will suggest medications and precautions regarding the same. And there are fewer chances for the polyp to re-grow, so it better remove it if it is cancerous.

How can you prevent Polyps?

Polyps can be prevented through taking various precautions, but if not, then you can head up to endoscopy removal of polyps; it will remove the polyps through colonoscopy if at all the polyps in the large intestine.

It is essential to find the location of the polyp and the size of the polyp to remove it.  And only if you have the correct information you can move ahead. Now we will talk about specific ways to prevent developing polyp in any part of your body. You can modify your lifestyle with healthy eating habits, exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and maintaining your body weight according to your age and height.

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Author: Dr. Sarmed Sami MBChB, MRCP, PGCME, PhD
Consultant Gastroenterologist, Founder and Director of Digestive Health UK.