Signs That You Need A Wisdom Teeth Removal

Signs That You Need A Wisdom Teeth Removal

If your wisdom tooth is starting to come out or has been giving you a hard time for a while, you may wonder, “Is it necessary to take it out?” In some cases, a Burlington, Ontario family dentist may recommend pulling the tooth out even when it is causing no pain. Actually, wisdom teeth do not need to be taken care of if they are healthy and have plenty of space to erupt. 

However, if your dentist has recommended a tooth extraction, then there is a chance your tooth has been impacted. If you are experiencing bite problems and extreme toothache, it is a sign that your wisdom tooth needs to be removed. Read the blog to find out about a few other signs. 

Common signs that you need a wisdom teeth removal

  • Extreme pain.

The most obvious sign that you need to undergo a dental extraction is experiencing pain in your mouth. This pain does not subside or go away even after you follow a proper brushing-flossing routine or take painkillers. The pain generally comes from the back of your mouth, where the wisdom teeth are located. However, it can travel to other areas of your mouth as well. 

  • Oral inflammation.

In many cases, the wisdom tooth may break through the gum line and affect the surrounding gum tissue. As a result, your mouth gets inflamed, and you may experience pain. This inflammation can also reach your lymph nodes, resulting in recurrent sore throats. These can affect your day-to-day life and make simple tasks like swallowing, chewing, and eating difficult.

  • Earaches or headaches.

The effect of an impacted wisdom tooth is not only limited to your mouth. The pain can radiate to other areas as well. It is a prominent sign that you need to get your wisdom teeth removed. The pain from your jaw can reach your ears or head, causing severe earaches or headaches.

  • Swollen gums.

Painful wisdom teeth can result in swollen gums. When your wisdom teeth are trying to emerge, it can cause gum irritation, causing them to become red and swollen. An impacted wisdom tooth does not grow in the right direction and, therefore, does not break through the gums correctly. This pain will be persistent. That is why it is important to get oral surgery to remove the impacted wisdom tooth.

  • Cysts.

If an impacted wisdom tooth is left untreated, it can result in cyst formation in your mouth. These fluid-filled sacs can end up affecting your jaw and mouth. Additionally, the formation of cysts in your mouth is an indication that your emerging wisdom teeth need to be removed.