Lose Weight With Cashew Nuts: This Is How The Diet Works In Everyday Life

Lose Weight With Cashew Nuts: This Is How The Diet Works In Everyday Life

As small and maneuverable as the nutritious cashew nuts are, they can be integrated into the various meals throughout the day as versatile. The cashew diet plans to include around a handful of cashews on the menu every day. Whether for breakfast in a smoothie, as a snack in the trail mix, as a topping on a salad, or as a crunchy ingredient in a curry – you can always rely on the mild, sweet aroma of the seeds. They also help you lose weight in the course of a diet, and you shouldn’t simply snack on them but rather use them as a substitute for unhealthy fats. The energy gained from this ensures that you feel more awake and supports the body’s processes – including burning fat.

For example, cash weed seeds can be mixed with the salad instead of bread croutons or bacon cubes. Cashew nuts are also healthy and diet-friendly alternatives to artificially sugared granola in muesli. For a healthy and high-fiber diet, the cashew nuts which can be gotten from amongst others can also be smeared as nut butter on wholemeal bread and then topped with fruits or avocado, for example. We recommend two teaspoons of cashew butter or cashew butter as the ideal amount. Whether as a diet aid in everyday life or as a healthy snack alternative, the versatile kernels ensure a healthy swing in everyday life either way.

Diet Food: Cashew Nuts Are This Healthy

With cashew nuts, everything is initially a little different than with other fruits. While the core can usually be found inside a fruit, it grows below the fruit in so-called cashew apples. Therefore, strictly speaking, the kernels do not belong to the nut family but the stone fruits. However, since they can be found on the supermarket shelf next to almonds and trail mix and used in a similar way between snacks and toppings, a comparison makes sense anyway. Because when it comes to nutritional values, the cash weed kernels are not inferior to the nuts. For every 100 grams of cashew, there are 18 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbohydrates. They keep the metabolism going, provide energy, and support muscle building.

With their high fiber content, cashews fill you up quickly and at the same time support digestion and fat burning. As far as the minerals are concerned, the supposed nuts are impressive: just a handful of cashew nuts covers 70 percent of the body’s daily copper requirement. In combination with valuable antioxidants, B vitamins, omega fatty acids, iron, and magnesium, the small kernels are real powerhouses of nutrients. As if that wasn’t enough, they also put you in a good mood. Because cashews are among the most valuable L-tryptophan suppliers of all. The amino acid has a mood-enhancing, calming effect and, with regular exercise and a balanced diet, reduces weight.