Is physical therapy best for arthritis?

Is physical therapy best for arthritis?

The arthritis condition is painful and hampers the life of people suffering from it. They not only find a problem in leading a normal life but also their family has to agonize.

What a physical therapist can do for you?

Well, a physical therapist here helps you in relieving the joint pain and slows down the progression of arthritis. Here is how physical therapy can improve your life without arthritis.

  • Improving the range of motion

One of the biggest symptoms of osteoarthritis is stiffness in joints. With the therapy, you will be able to straighten up a joint or bend them. Even the joint motion can also be improved.

  • Toughen up the muscles

In osteoarthritis, the protective cartilage gets worn out from the joint. Hence, it results in the occurrence of painful friction between the joints. By strengthening the muscles, this friction can be decreased around the surrounding muscles.

  • Recover the balance

Impaired balance is commonly seen in osteoarthritis patients causing impaired joint function, muscle weakness, minimize mobility, and others. Additionally, the therapists bring the balance components in the treatment such as walking distances, daily functional tasks, and others.

  • Adjusting the posture

A good posture is a way to relieving the stress from your body. The therapist can give you the right information about the posture adjustment while putting less pressure on joints while standing, sitting, or walking.

  • Making use of assistive devices

Based on the severity of the condition, it is suggested to take help from walkers, crutches, shoe inserts, canes, and splints. Knowing the right way of usage is helpful in minimizing the risk of injury. A trained physical therapist educates you about using assistive devices and works toward functional independence.

Physical therapy is acknowledged for bringing relief for back and neck pain. The individuals will feel the decrease in stiffness and pain right from the treatment start. The therapy is well-acclaimed for slowing down the degenerative process for strengthening and increasing the stability in muscles. Therefore, the end results in minimizing the wearing and tearing of joints.