IPL kit hair remover – Common myths debunked

IPL kit hair remover – Common myths debunked

IPL kits’ convenience for home use makes them a compelling choice compared to in-office laser treatments. IPL devices are sometimes falsely marketed as providing “permanent hair removal.” The reality is that no hair removal method is truly permanent. IPL works by damaging the hair follicle so it cannot regrow hair. IPL does provide long-term hair reduction, but periodic maintenance treatments will be needed. Results vary by individual.

All IPL devices are equally effective

The effectiveness of IPL devices varies widely based on their power output. More expensive, reputable brands with high energy levels and large treatment windows consistently provide better results. Weaker, cheaper IPL kits may require many more applications to achieve less satisfactory results. Stick to well-known brands with FDA clearances to get a device strong enough to disable follicles.

IPL can be used on any skin tone

IPL works best on lighter skin with dark, coarse hair. Hair follicle melanin is targeted by the light wavelengths. Too much melanin in darker skin absorbs the light before it reaches the follicle, causing the treatment to be ineffective or cause burns. Always choose a kit specifically calibrated for your Fitzpatrick skin type. Most IPL devices are not safe for skin types V and VI.

While IPL devices are effective for at-home use, they do not match the power of professional in-office treatments. In a doctor’s office, a technician provides higher energy outputs with medical-grade machines. Professional IPL also incorporates skin cooling to allow for more pulses without heat damage. At-home kits have limits for safety. For the best results, you may need periodic professional touch-ups.

Be used right after sun exposure

Never use IPL treatments on tanned or sunburned skin! The light energy targets melanin and will be absorbed by a tan rather than the hair follicles. This puts you at high risk for burns. Wait until all signs of sun exposure have faded before using an IPL device. Also, avoid tanning and prolonged sun exposure after treatments to maintain results.

It takes a series of IPL sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart to achieve optimal results. Each application disables more follicles in different growth phases. Most people require 4-6 treatments for up to 80% long-term hair reduction. Single sessions provide minimal results, so commit to the full recommended treatment schedule.

IPL is completely pain-free

How much IPL treatments hurt depends on your pain tolerance and the body area being treated. Most users describe the sensation as a quick, hot pinching or snapping feeling. Gentler areas like the arms and legs are generally comfortable. Sensitive zones like the upper lip, Brazilian area, and armpits cause more discomfort. However, the pain only lasts while the pulse is delivered and is considered minimal.

IPL devices contain many safety features to prevent accidental eye injuries or burns. As long as you carefully follow the directions, wear protective eyewear, and start on lower settings, they are very safe for at-home use. Still, improper use or conditions like tanned skin could cause burns or blisters. See a professional first if concerned about using IPL correctly.