Ido Fishman Reveals How Morning Workouts can Help

Ido Fishman Reveals How Morning Workouts can Help

If you are not a morning person, it will definitely boggle your mind when you hear about people working out in the morning. It also makes people wonder why they would put themselves through them so early, when they can do it at a different time of the day as well. According to Ido Fishman, many people prefer morning workouts because of the ton of benefits they can provide. When you are working out in the morning, you will certainly improve your fitness, but also improve your mood, enjoy better nutrition and be more productive. Still wondering about the benefits? Ido Fishman has highlighted some of them for you:

  • You will sleep better

No more tossing and turning to worry about when you decide to engage in morning workouts. Ido Fishman says that when you wake up early in the morning for your workout, you will be tired and ready to dive into bed at the end of the day. Working out in the morning can help you sleep longer and improve the quality of your sleep as well. If you begin working out in the morning, make sure you are still getting at least seven hours of sleep. 

  • You will be in a good mood

Your body releases endorphins when you workout, which makes you happier. Ido Fishman says that when you get a dose of these feel-good hormones early in the morning, you are going to start your day on a good note. This helps you in staying content throughout the day, something an evening workout cannot do. 

  • You can build more muscle

Which hormone in the body encourages muscle growth? It is testosterone and Ido Fishman says that it is at its peak in the morning. Why not take advantage of the natural rhythms of the body and do your strength training first thing in the morning? Doing so can help you see better muscle gains. 

  • You can stay consistent 

Do you often fall off the wagon when it comes to exercising? As per Ido Fishman, there are a lot of people who are unable to stick to an exercise routine in the long run and morning exercise can help them reach the consistency they desire. When you decide to work out in the morning, you will not have to worry about an impromptu happy hour, or have a work meeting derail your plans. There is no one to bother you in the morning, so you can focus on your exercise.

  • You will eat better

Working out in the morning also prompts people to make better eating decisions throughout the day. Ido Fishman says that a lot of people develop unhealthy eating habits during the day because they know they will exercise in the evening and believe they can ‘make up’ for it. In the case of a morning workout, you will be motivated to not let all your hard work go to waste. Hence, your morning sweating session can help you set the right tone for the day. 

  • You will burn more calories

Have you heard of EPOC? Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption means that your body will continue burning even more calories after you finish your exercise, particularly if it was really intense or vigorous. Ido Fishman says that this will allow you to even burn calories when you are sitting at your desk in the office.

  • You can be more efficient

Since there are not many distractions early in the morning, Ido Fishman says that you can work out more efficiently. In addition, you will not drag out your exercise because you know that you have to go into work and this will keep you moving and on track. You can focus on the workout and not have anyone bothering you, or breaking your focus. 

Thanks to these reasons, working out in the morning can be a good move for many people out there.