Growing cannabis indoors: the hydroponics edition

Growing cannabis indoors: the hydroponics edition

If anything we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic; then it is uncertainty. That means no idea when the lockdown will get over, when the virus will vanish completely, and most importantly, when the dispensaries will re-open. 

With almost nothing in stock, many cannabis users started with the expedition of growing their own stash from the blackjack feminized seeds indoors. 

One of the common ways of growing cannabis indoors is the deep water culture (DWC), also known as the hydroponic system. In this method, the roots of the plants are hanged in the water and not in the soil or earth. However, this option requires a lot of equipment, resulting in higher upfront investment. But it can result in higher yields. Let’s see what you will require to get started.

1- Reservoir: This equipment will hold the water for the plants. To hand the plant, you may use anything from plastic storage bin to bucket. See to it that no light gets into the water. Also, ensure to flush the reservoir every now and then. If you wish, you can drill some holes into the floating platform and add net cups filled with anything from perlite to Rockwool and even pebbles. This way, the root ball, roots, and leaves will get enough support.

2- Air pump/air stones: The plants can drown and die in stagnant water, so use a single air pump that rests outside the reservoir that is connected with the tubes to multiple air stones in the reservoir’s bottom. The pump will end up passing air through these hoses that are defused from the porous stones into tiny bubbles that end up oxygenating the water. 

3- Water pump/nutrient pump: If you are growing on a large scale, then manually adding nutrients to several tanks may seem daunting. In that case, you can automate the system as much as possible by installing nutrient and water pumps that will do the work on your behalf. 

4- Fans: For professional operation, growers prefer systems of ductwork that comprise intake and exhaust fans. If you have enough space in your room, then you can find such systems, but if you have a space restriction, then go for common area fans. The notion here is to keep the circulation of fresh air and stop the airborne pests from settling down. 

5- Switches and timers: The best way to regulate the system is by automating it to the fullest, meaning less work too. Install electronic thermometer switches between fans and outlets and program them to change the power when the temperature is too high. Likewise, outfit the lights with timers, etc. 

Over to you
No matter which growing method you use for growing cannabis, it is wise to note that there will always be a learning curve. And since one has to balance too many factors, even intermediate growers can lose their battle to pests, disease, or just plain old mistakes. 

So, get started with one or two plants and from there take a flight. We hope our blog was an important read. You should go online at Homegrown Cannabis Co if you want to buy blackjack feminized seeds.