10 Grandma’s Untold Secrets To Lose Weight Faster

10 Grandma’s Untold Secrets To Lose Weight Faster

Listen to Your Grandma – Lose That Pouch Quickly with These Simple Tips

30-Second Summary

  • Losing weight is no easy feat. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), almost 94 million adults in the US alone struggle with weight loss – that is about 40% of the population.
  • Carrying excess body weight not only destroys your body confidence, but also increases the risk of health concerns like hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues.
  • Weight loss workout plans and crash diets might help, but they are not a sustainable solution.
  • To completely shed the excess weight, you need to make numerous lifestyle changes like subscribing to eight hours of sleep, tracking your diet, and looking for effective ways of managing stress.


If your ‘nana’ is still alive, you know she does not hold back when it comes to dispensing advice. ‘Having stomach problems? Try some mint tea. Looking to lose weight? Chew raw garlic.’

Grandmothers have a solution to every problem. And while some of their tips might seem whacky, some do work. 

One such tip: Stop spending too much time hunched over your phone and get down to a beat. According to studies, dancing can help you successfully maintain weight loss when done consistently.

Another excellent tip: Opt for nuts and apple bites over-processed foods. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition, Prevention, and Health found that consuming nuts every day is linked to weight loss. 

Therefore, if you are looking to rectify some of the weight loss mistakes you have been making, here are some grandma-approved tips to help you get into tiptop shape. 

10 Grandma’s Secrets to Losing Weight

While there is a myriad of diet plansbest weight loss supplements, and fitness programs claiming to ensure quick weight loss, most do not provide any merit. Nevertheless, there are some century-long strategies backed by science, and grandmas everywhere, of course, that might have an impact on your weight loss journey. They include: 

  1. Eating Mindfully – It might sound like something out of a ‘wellness camp,’ but mindful eating involves paying attention to what, how, and where you consume food. It allows individuals to enjoy the food they consume and maintain a healthy weight

Since most people lead busy lives, they order fast foods or consume food while working at their desks and cars. As a result, many are barely aware of their food. 

So, to practice mindful eating, you need to:

  • Sit down to consume food – preferably at a table where you can pay attention to what you are eating and enjoy the experience
  • Eat slowly – take time to chew and savor the food. This improves the chances of losing weight as your brain gets time to recognize the signs that you are full, preventing overeating
  • Make smart food choices – opt for overwhelmingly nutritious foods that can satisfy you for hours rather than minutes
  1. Planning Ahead – Instead of waiting for the last minute to do a quick grocery run and then making dinner, practice stocking your kitchen with nutrient-rich foods and creating structured meal plans. 

Impromptu grocery shopping can lead to ordering take-out – in any case, who wants to spend hours whipping up a healthy meal when you can order a vegan pizza? 

Meal prepping makes cooking easier, prevents quick, unplanned eating, and saves you a couple of bucks.

  1. Never Skip Meals – The body’s ultimate goal is to keep you alive. As soon as you deprive it of calories –the body’s life energy – it will look for other ways to survive. Your body knows which foods have a significant amount of energy and lead to an insatiable craving. 

Therefore, rather than waiting for your body to take over and lead you down a dangerous path, make sure to consume every meal. Many experts recommend eating healthy foods at least every four hours for successful weight loss. 

  1. Cutting Back on Sugar-Infused Products and Refined Carbs – Caffeinated drinks and refined carbohydrates have been shown to increase the risks of obesity. These beverages and foods are quick to digest and convert glucose rapidly. The excess glucose makes its way into the bloodstream and stimulates insulin production, promoting fat storage in the adipose tissue. This triggers weight gain and other related health issues. 


Where possible, switch processed and sugary products for healthier options like:

  • High-sugar snacks for fruits, nuts, and seeds
  • Soda for herbal teas and fruit-infused water 
  • Fruit juice for smoothies with water
  • White foods for whole-grain bread, pasta, and rice 
  1. Managing Your Stress Levels – Stress triggers adrenaline and cortisol production, hormones that initially suppress your appetite as part of your body’s fight and flight response but later increase appetite, potentially leading to overeating. 

Cortisol signals the need to restock your body’s nutritional store from the usual energy source, carbs. Insulin then transports the sugar from carbs from the blood to your brain. If you do not use this sugar, the body then stores it as fat, causing weight gain. 

To avoid this vicious cycle, you need to look for effective ways of managing stress. This includes:

  • Practicing journaling, meditation, yoga, or tai chi
  • Adopting breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Spending time outdoors gardening, walking, or hanging out with friends 


  1. Engaging in Solid Fitness Programs – Regular exercise is essential for your emotional, mental, and physical health. Increasing the frequency of physical activity is often vital for successful weight loss. 

Don’t have time for the gym? Just go for a 45 to 60-minute brisk walk around your neighborhood or a one-hour moderate-intensity activity like doing crunches or 30-second planks. 

Individuals who do not usually subscribe to weight loss workout plans should slowly increase the amount of exercise they do and gradually boost its intensity. It is the most sustainable way of ensuring regular exercise becomes a part of your lifestyle.

However, if the thought of burpees and lunges give you hives, you can start by doing the following activities to boost your exercise levels:

  • Walking your dog
  • Dancing
  • Taking the stairs
  • Playing outdoor games
  • Jogging
  • Cycling


  1. Embracing Social Support – One of the most significant weight loss mistakes people make is thinking they can do it alone. Humans are primarily influenced by the individuals they spend their time with. So, be sure to hang out with people who practice regular exercise and subscribe to healthy living – you will be surprised how quickly you will also catch on to the healthy bug. 
  2. Getting Adequate Sleep – Apart from giving you eyebags and reversing your anti-aging products’ effects, the lack of sleep creates a cycle of stress, leading to weight gain. 


Do you ever find yourself reaching for that bag of crisps or a can of soda when you are tired? That is because fatigue and lack of sleep boost cortisol and insulin production, hormones that numerous studies show prompt fat storage, leading to weight gain.

Therefore, while a healthy diet plan and exercise program are vital for your weight loss journey, you are undermining your efforts without adequate sleep (preferably six to eight hours).

  1. Tracking Your Diet and Weight Loss Programs – Self-monitoring is a vital factor in successful weight loss. You can use a journal, mobile app, or specific website to record every food you consume, every workout program you subscribe to, and measure your progress. 

Individuals who can effortlessly track their journey in small increments and identify changes are more likely to stick to a weight loss program. 

  1. Staying Hydrated – Most people often confuse thirst for hunger. You might end up consuming extra calories when a glass of water is all you need.

Trying Out Other Alternatives

As you keep up with the recommended eight glasses of water, experts recommend trying other weight loss alternatives like body sculpting and weight loss supplements. However, since body contouring or sculpting can be expensive, most people opt for the best weight loss supplements. Over the years, weight loss products have become increasingly popular in the fitness universe, and most users attest their weight loss success to these products and formulas.

Therefore, if you are looking to try out this option, check out various retail and review websites to see if you can get a supplement that can help you get that Kim K figure. 

If you do not know where to start, check out Keto GT reviews and see if the weight loss product could help you attain your lifelong body goals.  

Final Words

There you have it – the ten nana-approved ways to lose weight. If you undertake these healthy living habits, you might be a step closer to attaining your weight goals. 

However, if you have tried everything and nothing seems to work in your favor, you can try checking out Keto GT reviews and see if it might help bolster your weight loss goals.

If that does not also work, you might have to consider consulting a personal trainer or certified nutritionist for professional advice.