Hair Loss
Essential Tips to Avoid Hair Loss Post-Bariatric Surgery

Essential Tips to Avoid Hair Loss Post-Bariatric Surgery

No matter the cause, hair loss is always a scary topic when it comes to discussion, and people often wish that there should not be a time when they need to discuss this situation. Especially individuals who undergo bariatric surgery in Lubbock also suffer from hair loss, but that’s not permanent, and hair does grow back. However, if you wish to control it much better, you can follow some preventive measures post your surgery.

  • Take All the Necessary Vitamins

A very big reason behind hair loss is the deficiency of essential vitamins. So, to prevent hair loss, you need to add all the necessary vitamins to your diet. Healthy vitamins also promote hair growth and make them full and healthy. You can start taking vitamins at least two weeks after your surgery.

  • Protein Is Important for Your Hair

Protein is one of the essential elements for regenerating new hair growth cells. Many bariatric surgeons advise patients to take at least 60 grams of protein every day. Some of the lean proteins you can add to your diet are red meat, grilled fish, chia seeds, and more.

  • Iron Is Important for Hair Growth

Deficiency of iron also contributes to hair loss, and this is a common symptom post-bariatric surgery. It is a micronutrient that is closely related to hair loss. Check for your symptoms of iron deficiency and start eating iron-rich food items like egg yolks, green vegetables, cereals, and more. When iron is absorbed better in your body, you will yourself notice less hair fall.

  • Add Zinc in Your Diet

If you are putting in all the efforts to prevent hair loss post surgery, but nothing is working. Then it’s time to increase your intake of zinc in your diet. Zinc is an essential nutrient and is also known as the building block of healthy hair growth. However, don’t take too much zinc as it can also have some adverse effects on your health.

When you follow the above-mentioned preventive tips and incorporate these nutrients into your diet, it will indeed help you in preventing hair loss post your bariatric surgery. However, it is also important to know. Which types of weight loss surgery procedures are right for you? Because you can yourself see how there are different types of post-surgery effects which can be extreme in some cases as well.