What Is A Private GP In The UK? What Are The Benefits?

 What Is A Private GP In The UK? What Are The Benefits?

In the United Kingdom, many healthcare services are provided free of charge by the NHS. However, there is an active industry of Private GPs providing healthcare services to thousands of patients every year. There are estimated to be 515 Private Hospitals operating across the UK. But what is a Private GP and how does it differ from an NHS GP? How can your health insurance cover a Private GP?

What is a private GP?

A private GP is pretty much like a regular NHS GP in terms of what they do. As a GP, their job is to diagnose and treat illnesses, conditions and health issues, from the really acute to the really long-term, through check-ups and regular appointments. The big difference between private GPs and NHS GPs is that they may work in private hospitals and clinics, which you’ll need to pay for either as a member or as a one-time payment. Plus, healthcare from private GPs services is often a bonus you can get through employer business health plans or through your own private health insurance.

Benefits of a private GP

One of the biggest benefits of many private GPs is the speed of service. While some private GPs can provide you with a virtual or same-day appointment, in December 2020, the average NHS patient waited for more than 6 weeks to receive a diagnostic test. This means that you may have quicker access to treatment with private GP services than you would with public healthcare. When you access private GP services through your insurance provider, you’ll find that the speed of service is even greater.


A private GP can be a faster way to get the healthcare you need, but it can also be a better way. With access to experts and consultants, referrals can be made much quicker, and you can expect a quicker turnaround for test results. For example, you might see a private GP this morning and expect to get a full exam and all the answers you need by the afternoon. That means the services offered are super-fast and can get you the help you need as soon as possible.


You may also find that your appointments are more flexible when you see a private GP. NHS GPs are often restricted to the time they have available for consultations. Access to these healthcare services can be much easier with a private GP, as appointment slots are often available at early morning, lunchtime and weekends.

Longer consultations

When you book a private GP appointment, you’ll have a lot more time to talk about your problems than you would with an NHS doctor. Private GP appointments can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, so you’ll have time to talk about all your worries and get a thorough check-up, and maybe even be seen by a specialist if needed. You’ll probably find that more time during the diagnosis gives you a better idea of what your healthcare needs are.

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