Nerve Blocks — Quick Relief for Pelvic Pain.

Nerve Blocks — Quick Relief for Pelvic Pain.

Pelvic can occur in both men and women. It can occur due to various reasons, such as internal organs being affected, infections, and abnormalities in organs. Pelvic pain can be associated with some problems in women’s reproductive organs. The symptoms can include pain while urinating, blood in the stool, discharge (in women), experiencing pain during intercourse, etc. 

A nerve block is an injection that induces medication in the nerves. It provides significant relief from pelvic pain. For pelvic pain relief, a pudendal nerve block is used. In places like Colonia, residents can significantly benefit from such treatments. A team of professionals can provide quick relief from pelvic pain Colonia. While the nerve block is a quick fix, the treatment is temporary. 

What are the different types of nerve blocks?

  • Pudendal nerve block: 

It is named after the pudendal nerve in the pelvic area. It sends the signal from sensory and motor nerves from the genital region. This nerve block is also great for providing relief during delivery. 

  • Intercostal nerve block:

This nerve block provides relief from fractures experienced by ribs. It is also effective in providing relief from nerve pain. 

  • Epidural nerve block:

It is specifically associated with providing relief from labor pain. You can get complete relief, or the feeling is completely blocked. 

There are many other types as well; they are all associated with different types. 

Is there any preparation needed for a pudendal nerve block?

pudendal nerve block

No specific preparation is needed for the pudendal nerve block. The professional does not necessarily recommend sedation. Furthermore, it would help if you stayed fast before getting sedation. If there is any specific need, then your professional will let you know. 

How can you benefit from a pudendal nerve block? 

  • They are minimally invasive 

The procedure is less invasive. The injection directly puts medication into the pudendal nerve. It helps to avoid more invasive procedures. Thus, patients get to go back to their normal state not long after the treatment is done. 

  • Rapid relief from excruciating pelvic pain

Pudendal nerve blocks are highly effective in providing quick relief. The symptoms start to fade away quickly. For some, the pain can be extreme; hence, fast relief is highly beneficial. The inflammation can be permanently reduced, and the healing process begins. 

  • Targets explicitly the pudendal nerve

The pudendal nerve block hits the specific nerve, which is a primary trigger for pelvic pain. The procedure blocks the nerve, and symptoms of chronic pelvic pain are significantly improved. The targeted area is relieved from pain and discomfort. 

  • Providing comprehensive pain management plans

If you seek different therapies along with this procedure, the pain can be managed even more effectively. Furthermore, the causes of pelvic pain can be traced and treated with the plan. 

What is the success rate of pudendal nerve blocks?

Depending upon the cause of the pain, the success rate can vary. Moreover, as they use regional anesthesia, patients get relief on a higher level. General anesthesia, on the other hand, can cause depression of a specific kind. Moreover, nerve block also eliminates the need to use analgesics. The failure rate is relatively low, with around only twenty percent of the cases failing. 

What to expect after the treatment?

Once the nerve block is injected, it is recommended to stay put for about half an hour. It ensures that the medication starts to work, and a nurse will watch you when the medication takes effect. The nurse is there to make sure you are not experiencing any side effects. 

Contact a pain management clinic in Colonia!

 A management clinic is usually recommended when you experience pain from any injury or other medical conditions. Professionals at the clinic use various ways to improve the condition and provide relief from pain. Contact them as soon as possible if the pain is prolonged.