HIV Test Choices: What You Need Now

HIV Test Choices: What You Need Now

HIV testing is a major axis in the fight against this disease; For UN AIDS, the 90-90 90 target should be reached in 2020 to be able to stop the progression of this disease.

HIV Testing Is Of Major Interest to People with HIV

It allows them to be treated as soon as the diagnosis is known, and thus to avoid the underhand work of the virus, the degradation of immunity and the deterioration of the organs. A patient treated with an effective treatment will have a life expectancy that is not much different from another person of their age without the virus.

HIV Testing Is Of Public Health Interest

It helps once the person knows it to protect them and avoid transmission to others and once treated the risks of transmission are greatly reduced. The chlamydia test kit canada happens to be useful to a great extent now.

The 90-90-90 goal

If this goal is reached in 2020, i.e. if 90% of people living with HIV are tested, 90% of them are treated and 90% of people treated have effective treatment, then we will have won the fight against HIV in 2030.

Everyone Must Make a Screening Effort

All people at least once in their life, every year if you have 2 or more partners. Certain age groups feel less concerned and that is a shame: those under 25 and over 55 who will have to take action; 97% of people questioned in a general population survey would accept the test if their doctor offered it to them.

When and why should I be screened?

Following risk-taking unprotected sex, tearing of the condom, sharing of a syringe or infected injection equipment. Attention, for a risk taking that took place less than 72 hours ago, it is possible to have an emergency preventive treatment which can greatly reduce the risk of HIV infection. This treatment is called Post-Exposure Treatment or TPE.

You need to check:

  • When you are in a stable relationship and want to stop using the condom
  • When a pregnancy is planned
  • When the doctor suggests it; this is often the case for women who are pregnant or just before surgery

Reassure and find out if you have been in contact with HIV in your lifetime

For an HIV screening test to be 100% reliable, you have to wait a certain time, which varies depending on the type of screening. While waiting for this time to carry out your test, it is recommended to use a condom during any sexual intercourse, because in the event of an HIV infection, the person can already infect their partner in the days following the ‘infection.

It is important to know if you have HIV to start treatment as soon as possible in order to:

  • Decrease the effects of the virus on your health
  • Increase their life expectancy and improve their quality of life
  • Decrease the amount of HIV in their blood until it is undetectable and thus make the virus non-transmissible

What is screening?

It is used to detect the presence of anti-HIV antibodies in the body. Antibodies are used to defend the body against infection. The presence of these antibodies indicates that HIV is present in your body.