Medications and treatment for neck pain and lower back pain

Medications and treatment for neck pain and lower back pain

Neck pain or back pain is common among people, especially women. Men who work continuously on a computer or drive a long distance in a two-wheeler face these types of problems. Some people continue to suffer long-term, this pain is called chronic pain. The surgical or non-surgical methods help to treat neck pain treatment.

What is neck pain? How it occurs?

Neck pain or back pain mainly occurs due to activities like poor posture, sleeping in an awkward position, jerking during exercise, and working at a computer for a long duration without changing position. It also occurs due to falls, injury, inflammation, contact sports, dance, or whiplash.

Symptoms of neck pain:

Stiff neck: The person who feels stiffness or is stuck in the neck position is called a stiff neck. It leads to decreased range of motion.

Sharp pain: There may be a stabbing or sharp pain in the localized area.

Cervical spine: It is caused due to sudden movement in the neck. The pain occurred in the specified part. It is also occurred by moving, extending the cervical, or twisting from side to side or up and down.

Numbness: The neck involves the impression of the nerve causing numbness or weakness in the arms.

Treatment for neck pain

Treatment for neck pain purely depends on its cause and occurrence. The doctor physically examines the problem and makes a diagnosis related to the blood test, x-ray, MRI scan, CT scan, lumbar puncture, and electromyography. After finding the result he suggests the medication.

Common neck pain treatments include exercise, physiotherapy, muscle relaxants, pain medication, traction, antibiotics for an infection, corticosteroid injections, ice and heat therapy, and neck collar. In case of some serious problem, he admits the patient and suggests some rare surgery due to necessity.

When to consult the doctor for neck pain problems?

When the neck pain symptoms persist for a long time or more than a week, then it’s time to consult a doctor and take proper treatment. Some of the main symptoms are given here to take into consideration

Severe neck pain, continuous neck pain, severe headache, numbness, tingling, plump in the neck, bladder dysfunction, inability to touch chest or chin parts, inability to move, severe pain while moving the hand, continuous pain in the neck, head, arm, chest, and pain radiates while down the arms and legs.

In the case of an accident, there is severe pain that causes vomiting, nausea, and fever also needs to be consulted with the doctor related to the neck pain.

Common causes of Chronic Back pain

The most cause of chronic back pain includes arthritis of the spine, spinal stenosis, disc problems, myofascial pain syndrome, thinning of cartilage, and bulging disc.

When is surgery needed for back pain?

The following are the red flag indication for surgery that is related to the spine condition that needs surgery.

  • bladder issues
  • limbs weakness
  • Continues severe pain
  • balance problems

Surgery is an option for lower back pain treatment. However, simple exercise and normal medications are enough to treat in the initial stages. It is possible to cure in the initial stage.