How Do You Get Dental Cavities in Redlands?

How Do You Get Dental Cavities in Redlands?

Dental cavities are tiny holes in your teeth’s hard surface. They can impact people of all ages. They can develop due to different reasons. When left untreated, they can result in complications such as tooth loss. Thankfully, your Redlands dentist can detect cavities during your routine dental checkups and cleanings and address them accordingly. 

Common Causes of Dental Cavities

Typically, cavities are a result of poor oral health habits. However, they can also develop due to the following:

  • Dry mouth. This oral health problem can take place if your mouth does not have adequate saliva. Saliva is responsible for washing away food particles that are stuck in your teeth. Also, it counters the bacteria-produced acids in your mouth, reducing the risk of cavities. 
  • What you eat and drink. Saliva cannot easily wash away some foods, which increases your risk of tooth decay. These foods include ice cream, cake, soda, sugar, hard candy, cookies, and chips. 
  • Constant snacking or snipping. When you constantly eat or drink something other than water throughout the day, you increase the number of bacteria that thrive in your mouth. Such bacteria can produce enamel-attacking acids and cause cavities. 
  • Lack of fluoride. Fluoride helps prevent the formation of dental cavities and can repair minor tooth decay. Using toothpaste with fluoride can help minimize your risk of cavities. 

Preventing Cavities

Regular visits to your dentist and everyday brushing and flossing can protect your teeth against cavities. When not treated, cavities can get bigger and bigger, impacting your teeth’s deeper layers. Deeper cavities lead to higher risks of serious toothaches and infections. 

To prevent cavities, it is important to brush your teeth using fluoride toothpaste. Do so at least twice every day for two minutes each time. Also, you need to visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. In-office dental cleanings get rid of plaque and tartar that might have built up on your teeth. In addition, you can also consider getting dental sealants, as they can protect your tooth enamel from plaque and bacteria. 

Moreover, you can reduce your risk of developing dental cavities by watching what you eat. If you love sweet foods or beverages, you may get dental cavities since snacking frequently on sugary and starchy foods can leave acids on your teeth that cause cavities. Also, snacking increases the time these acids stay in your mouth, increasing your risk of cavities. To reduce your risk, consider cutting back on sugary foods and drinks. Instead, consume lots of water.