Frequently Asked Question, Is Delta-8 Made From Cbd?

Frequently Asked Question, Is Delta-8 Made From Cbd?

Since the legalisation of some cannabis products, the market dealing with them has flourished constantly and is still doing so. People have safe access to cannabis products, and they sure are liking it very much. As the popularity and production have been rising, so does the misinformation and misconceptions about them. One of them is about the nature of delta-8 THC, whether it’s synthetic or natural.

Synthetic Cannabinoids

These are man-made or laboratory-grown cannabinoids and are also called Spice and K2. Synthetic cannabinoids have the same effects as natural ones, and that is why their use has also seen a rise recently. These were formed by a mere accident and then used for the lab and research work but later found a way into the cannabis industry. Let’s find, “Is delta-8 made from CBD?

While these cannabinoids have the same effect and are l2ess expensive, they also have major side effects and can be fatal. It becomes more important than ever to know about the true nature of the delta-8 THC and from where it is obtained.

Delta-8: Natural or Synthetic

Delta-8 is a natural cannabinoid that is found in cannabis plants and in hemp plants too. So all the things questioning its nature are baseless. It is purely natural. It can be obtained from the extract of delta-9, but that is illegal and hence, obtained from the hemp plant with the delta-9 concentration of less than 1%.

If the origin is natural, then why is confusion about this among the users? It needs to be cleared that delta-8 comes from hemp plant extract, making it a synthetic compound.

Making of delta-8 THC from CBD

Is delta-8 made from CBD? Well, the initial process of getting delta-8 THC and CBD is similar. Firstly, the hemp plant is grown, and at that time, the concentration of the cannabinoid compounds is extremely in raw form. The CBD is obtained by raw hemp using various extraction techniques. And then, it is filtered, and lastly, CBD is obtained.

For getting delta-8 from this CBD, the process proceeds to the next step, isomerisation, in which the CBD is transformed into its isomer (delta-8) that is more useful than its parent compound. To take necessary precautions, the obtained delta-8 undergoes various lab tests.

As delta-8 has been proven to be more beneficial than CBD, it’s getting more popular among the masses. The future of this product is bright, and the industry is bound to be booming. At last, it can be said that delta-8 is natural and is obtained from CBD.