5 Things To Remember Before Getting A Flu Jab In Singapore

5 Things To Remember Before Getting A Flu Jab In Singapore

Regarding health, it’s better to be sure than to be sorry in the future. Parents know it can be risky for children to have no vaccination, mainly when diseases roam unseen. Now that humanity also faces pandemic problems, it’s beneficial to learn more about vaccines or a flu jab in Singapore to protect your immune system. Indeed, getting vaccinated can protect your health, but there are ways to make your vaccine shot more effective.

Before going to your first vaccine shot, here are the things you must remember to make it more effective and safer. Remember these tips below for a successful vaccine outcome!

1) Consult Your Doctor First

Before getting a flu shot, it is essential to consult with a professional doctor to determine if the vaccine is appropriate for your health condition. Specific individuals, such as those with certain allergies or chronic health conditions, may need extra precautions when taking vaccines. For instance, Gardasil 9 is applicable for women ages 9 to 45 to prevent human papillomavirus.

2) Consider The Timing

Timing is also essential when getting a flu jab because it may take time to see results. Flu shots are typically offered before the flu season begins. It’s best to get the shot as soon as possible because prevention is better than cure. As it becomes available, seek your doctor and ask for the vaccines.

3) Vaccines Will Not Protect You 100%

The flu jab or Gardasil 9 is not a 100% cure method, and there is a slight chance that you could still get the flu or the disease even after getting vaccinated. However, if you do get the flu after getting vaccinated, it will be less severe. So, it’s still your responsibility to stay healthy and practise personal hygiene.

4) Results May Take Time

Results may also take time after your vaccines, like the flu jab or Gardasil 9. For some, it takes about two weeks for the body to build immunity after receiving the vaccines. It means that you may still be at risk of getting the flu while waiting for the results to show. During this time, protect your health to avoid diseases.

5) Get Enough Sleep

The night before your flu jab, ensure you get enough sleep because it builds up your immune system. Get plenty of rest, or better yet, take a leave from work so you can prepare for your vaccine shots.

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